Kwik Sew Spring Patterns

We went skiing today. It was fantastic. DS the Eldest is becoming quite the black diamond hound, and DS the Younger is having a ball going back and forth between snowboarding and skiing. I’m exhausted. Keeping up with both of them, not to mention riding herd on getting them and the gear to and from, is getting harder and harder. When the oldest starts skiing moguls, I’ll send him off alone.

But in the meanwhile, the Keystone Kops are playing football in the background (hint, 1st quarter of SuperBowl 41 is fugly, very, very fugly), and Kwik Sew has put their early spring collection on the site.

Overall, there is nothing that excites me. Alas, that is my usual reaction to Kwik Sew. I know they have some good patterns. But you have to wade through so much that looks mediocre, even on the human models, that I don’t bother with them very often. This collection isn’t going to change that.

The Good
Well, it should be really called “The Okay”

3497 is a decent, basic top. It looks like it would work up well, and it’s got good bones. The problem is that every single pattern company, it seems, has already done this. Maybe there’s a real “wow” factor in the pattern itself, but neither the illustration nor the photo gives any indication.


is a reworking of the Jackie Kennedy style jacket that has already been done by Vogue, McCall and others.


Is a re-do of the ubiquitous DVF wrap dress. Again, it’s okay, but it doesn’t shake my tree. And it’s two seasons after all the rest.

The Bad


Well, it’s no Patty Reed design, thank goodness, but it’s not good!


The pocket is interesting, but it reminds me of an article on bellows pockets in Threads Magazine more than 10 years ago. And the jumper? Meh.


Isn’t bad, it’s just already out. The tiered skirt is gone from the runways, folks. This look is very last year.

The Ugly
You know, it’s not even fair. Believe it or not, I actually like Kwik Sew on principle, and I have sewn several of their patterns successfully. But this collection is just meh, meh, meh. Kind of like the Superbowl. Hey Indy! Aren’t you glad you paid top dollar for Vinatieri? Mr. Clutch lost his touch in the first half. Okay, the first snap was bad, and he’s no running back, but that kick at the end of the half? What the heck was that?

Well, I’m going to watch Prince try to perform on an electrified stage in a Miami thunderstorm. Then I’m going to bed. G’night all!

Happy sewing!

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