Simplicity Early Spring

I got a look at the latest Simplicity patterns today. There are a few nice ones. There are also some real barkers, too (see the next post down). But here are a few that I like:

3837 is a great set of tops. I particularly like the pleated bodice. It will be nice for lots of different figure types.

3845 is a Threads wardrobe pattern. I particularly like the skirt-suit version of this. It would make a great mother-of-the-wedding-party look if done up in a heavy silk ottoman or a taffeta brocade. I like the pants, too, but the shorts don’t even look good on the model, so I’d skip them if you are an average woman. Though I have to admit now that I think about it, done in a tropical stretch wool they might make a nice casual office look.

3287 is a good basic dress, and a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Duro of last year.

I love this dress, 3267 I think it’s just lovely. It would look great in everything from eyelet to silk crepe. It has lots of possibilities, and I could see it becoming a staple in my summer wardrobe.

I’m undecided on this dress, 3283 Is it 50s Marilyn Monroe? It’s not Balenciaga, it’s not LaCroix. It’s kind of betwixt and between. I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll buy it at the next pattern sale.

I don’t generally look at costumes, but this is what I would wear if I were going to a party dressed up as Gwen-Stefani-in-the-early-aughts: It’s kind of fun, and if I were young and thin enough, I’d be tempted.

There are some other patterns there that are just ‘meh’, including some Built by Wendy tops and a 1960s retro design. They aren’t my cup of tea, but they would look cute on the right person, as long as said person is under 25 and underweight.

Be warned about stocking up on the bohemian look, though. It’s gone for fall. The new silhouette is the cocoon. GAK! Think Paul Poiret – close and structured at the shoulders, ballooning out through the torso, and back in again at the knees. No thanks, I think I’ll be fashionably un-fashionable this fall.

Happy sewing!

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