I Hate Tag

But Phyllis has tagged me. Thanks Phyllis, I’ll find a way to repay you. Since I don’t want to be a curmudgeon, I’ll put opn my game face and participate….

So, what don’t you already know about me that you would care about and I want to share? Not much:

1 – I was introduced to my husband in the Computer Graphics lab at Boston University by our then-computer graphics professor. It was nerd romance at its finest, and Glenn (the prof.) was an usher at our wedding.

2 – I am absolutely terrified to play piano in front of anyone. I can stand in front of 1400 and sing with no butterflies, but I freeze if I have to sit at the piano in front of more than one person and play. I don’t totally suck; I just can’t do it.

3 – My favorite job of any that I have ever held was as a field tech support rep for a computer graphics company. I had all the fun of sales without the quota pressure. I was the only woman in the territory, with 8 ‘big brothers’ looking after me, and I got to fly an F16 simulator as a perk for the work I did at NASA. Plus, the company was based in Boulder, Colorado, and since I was single, I had a deal with my boss that I would stay over Saturdays to get the cheap airfares, and he would sign off on my car and hotel expenses. I did a whole lot of skiing at Vail and Copper mountains while I was at that company. And I’m still friends with many of my former colleagues.

4 – There’s a man who is alive because of me. His name is Bob, and he was my boss at another company. He had a heart attack 5 minutes after arriving at the hotel we were staying at, the Alta Vista hotel in Sausalito, California. We were at the bar deciding where to go for dinner, when he clutched his chest and started breathing in a labored fashion. He was 36 years old, and unknown to me or anyone else at the company, had a family history of congenital heart problems that killed his two sisters. He collapsed and turned blue. Another woman and I knew CPR and started work on him. The ambulances came and took us to the hospital, where he coded 9 times that night. I had no idea where I was, and had to call a friend from Hillsborough to come and get me. Bob survived and was one of the first patients to have an implantable defibrillator in his chest. We were fortunate that UCSF medical was doing extensive work on IDs at that time.

5 – I got laid off from that job 8 weeks after saving his life, as part of a political battle between Bob and his boss, Paul. Paul will forever be known in my mind as “that bastard”.

So who’s next? I don’t know yet….

Oh dear! I just found out that Lisa tagged me last week! I’m so sorry Lisa. I wasn’t reading anything, and now I feel terrible.

But I still hate tag….

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