Border Collies are NOT Labrador Retrievers

The Super-triple-secret project is coming along, but that means there’s nothing sewing that I can talk about right now. But that’s okay, I have Hoover:

Hoover is a Border Collie mix. We think there is some golden retriever in there somewhere, but we can’t be sure. He joined our family two years ago. He followed in the large pawprints of our two Labrador retrievers, Carmen and Otto. Carmen lived to the ripe old age of 13 1/2. Otto lived to 14 and change. Now, 15 years of Labs inured me to a basic fact of dog life. Labs eat first and ask questions later. Even after Carmen passed away and Otto was an only dog for two years, he would still inhale his kibbles like there would never be any more. And we had a joke that we didn’t need a vacuum cleaner because no food ever hit the floor. The Labs would do a diving catch first.

Hoover, on the other hand, deigns to eat his kibbles only when all other possibilities are exhausted.

And he prefers to take his kibbles out of the kitchen, into the comfort of the family room rug to eat them, several at a time. This means that there is frequently a trail of kibbles left along the way. And being a Border Collie, he’s very stubborn about not eating anything once it has hit its expiration date, which in his mind is about 5 minutes after you buy it.

The labs, Otto in particular, were notorious for trying to levitate food off the table. They would sit in front of it and stare at it so hard that they figured it would fall off the table into their waiting mouths. Hoover hasn’t the patience, He prefers a more direct approach. When he was young, he used to climb up on the table with all fours and eat the butter. He doesn’t do that any more (thank goodness!), but he does whine at food on the counter. Incessantly.

Hoover also believes it is his duty to rid the back yard of all vestiges of the Evil Squirrel Empire. He is glorious to behold as he bounds so prettily over the stone walls and tries to skitter up the trees after the squirrels. The squirrels, on the other hand, get pretty pissed off at this, and they sit there yelling at him while he circles the base of the trees.

Hoover is, of course, also a big Patriots fan:

Oh, and Hoover’s favorite food? Sushi, specifically California rolls. He likes to take them into the family room, unroll them, and eat each piece individually. Except the avocado. That he spits out.

Happy puppies!

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