Gawd, I love/hate this game!

My super-triple-secret project is done, for now. The Pats are playing Indy in a gut-wrenching game, and I’m taking a break from screaming at the TV. It’s bad for the pipes, don’t you know.

So on to musings about things that have gone on in my little world this week.
There’s been a thread on PatternReview about stars. Here’s the back story. There’s a popularity contest over there that lets folks rate reviews and reviewers, and the ratings garner stars for the reviewer. Let me be up front. I have 4 stars. I got them when it was easier to get them. It’s like stock options if you are a single digit employee. You get rich faster. As the site has grown, it’s gotten harder to earn the stars, just thanks to the math. I’ve advocated, and some might say agitated, for a departure from this star system. But they remain. Fine, I can live with that.

But there are those who are, shall we say, obsessed with these stars.

We interrupt this program to say, Woo Hoo!!!!!! Go Pats! OMG, I’m not able to eat. If only the playoffs lasted all year. I’d be a size 4.

Anyway, I was saying. There are those who are, shall we say, obsessed with these stars. Why? Does it make you Queen For A Day? Or King For A Day? No. Does it improve your skills? No. Now, many of these folks- lots of them, deserve stars. Heck, I’d dole out stars for just showing up. But for many, it’s a popularity contest. I don’t like popularity contests. They propagate high school behaviors that I didn’t like then. And I was the yearbook photographer in high school for a reason, folks.

The thing that is bothering me is that no one is allowed to say that they don’t like the star system. Those of us who offer this opinion get shouted down, loudly. “You don’t really know me if you think I’m taking this “star” thing so seriously,” says one (very) frequent poster on this thread. Sure. Another says “Off with their heads.” Okay! Now, this thread was 16 pages long when I last looked. 16 pages! The shouters are all claiming that it’s tongue in cheek, but it sure didn’t sound that way for the first 14. Actually, it sounded like a pea-hen party, and that’s something that drives me crazy and propagates other stereotypes.

But let me interrupt this broadcast to say, Hey Peyton, where’s the end zone? Jiminy Christmas! I like the Colts. Not as much as the Pats of course, but let’s start playing football in the second half, can we?

BTW, Pats, for god’s sake, keep playing the way you are playing!!!

Okay, I’m off my soapbox. My pulse is back down to only very high from outrageous. But please, someone smack Deion Sanders for me, would you?

I asked for a better second half, right? Well, be careful what you ask for!

Oh, Kee-rist, my stomach is in knots!!!

Congratulations to the Colts! The bad news? The obvious. My boys lost. But what a freaking game!!!! Good on Indy, and good luck in the Super Bowl. Speaking of the Super Bowl, and thank you to “Scrubs” for this bit of inspiration, what has two thumbs and doesn’t give a damn?

Happy football!

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