Vogue Early Spring Patterns are Up

Man, this is the boring season, isn’t it? There isn’t too much to really hate in this collection, but there isn’t a lot to love, either. Like the New Looks, this collection is just kind of ‘meh’. I actually had a hard time finding anything to say much of anything about. Except these:

I actually like these fish! They’re goofy, but they are kind of cute. Okay, I admit. I’m a SCUBA diver, and I have been since I was 25 (four years ago), so these appeal to me. I’m not sure I’d actually make them, especially since my kids are getting old for stuffed toys, but I like them.

As far as the clothes? Sigh….. Let’s see. That one? No, it’s a rehash. That one? Yawn, another dress under a Jackie Kennedy jacket. How about that? No, no, no. Such a snoozer of a collection.

Alright, let me snap out of it and see if I can find something, anything.
This dress, 2943:

Has an interesting back, and I like the side panels that wrap around to the front and have bust darts. It presents some interesting fitting opportunities. But those floppies on the hips and at the sleeves can be deadly!

This Sandra Betzina top:

Looks almost exactly like a bias cut OOP Vogue Pattern from the 90s that I made several times.

Another Betzina jacket:

Bears a striking resemblance to a Geoffrey Beene bestseller pattern, also from Vogue:

This suit, 2958:

Presents some good possibilities for playing with grain or contrast in the jacket panels and collar. It reminds me just a bit of a Valentino couture outfit I saw at the Museum of Fine Arts last week.

Other than that, there really wasn’t much that attracted me. I kind of liked 8355:

But back in the late 80s I owned a Thierry Mugler original in a purple wool/leather that looked almost exactly like that. It had straight sleeves, though, and I think that changing the sleeves to a close-fitting straight sleeve and doing it in some interesting fabrications would make it look less “Mother of the Bride”.

There’s an interesting Claire Shaeffer jacket. Well, interesting if it includes instructions for making those buttons:

But unfortunately, my overriding impression was to take a pass on this collection. I’m sure there will be some others down the line that appeal to me, but not this group. Oh well….

Happy Sewing!

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