LaDainian, You Can Go Home Now

From today’s Boston Globe:
Tomlinson’s mouth still running
Charger reiterates postgame remarks
By Mike Reiss, Globe Staff | January 16, 2007
SAN DIEGO — Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson reiterated comments he made after Sunday’s game, saying yesterday that he felt the Patriots didn’t act with class after their victory.

“When you’re a three-time Super Bowl champion, I just wouldn’t think you would need to act that way,” said Tomlinson, when asked if his feelings had changed. “But obviously that’s the way they reacted to it and there’s nothing we can do about it. My whole thing is just, you won the game and that was great. And we were obviously just going to congratulate them on going on, but when you start to further disrespect us, in my mind, you just don’t do that.”

Look, I don’t think that the Pats should have behaved that way, but for LT to go on like that more than 24 hours after his team lost just makes him sound like a sore loser. If one of my kids pulls a stunt like that, I tell him to cut it out. It’s just whining at this point.

LT, go take it out on some poor golf ball. Oh yeah, and have fun at the Pro Bowl.

On to Indy!

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