WOO HOO!!!!!!

Ohmygawd, my heart is still pounding! That was one hell of a football game. Good on the Chargers for putting up such a tough defense, but my boys did it again!!!!

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a big Pats fan. I have been since the 80s, so I’m not a Janey come lately with the championships. But I think this was the best game of the playoffs, any of them, so far this year. And to the pundits who put a grand total of one Patriot (Richard Seymour, God bless him!) in the Pro Bowl, and none (!!!) in the All Pro Roster? Neener neener neener! And what was with LT going after the Pats after losing? Get a life LaDainien. I’m sure your mom brought you up better than that.

On to Indy!

Happy playing!

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