I’m Hyperventilating

I don’t get flustered too easily, but I just got an email from some friends that has me feeling like I had too many Starbucks coffees. To whit:

‘Hi Ann,

I have to tell you that we were at Laura’s in her kitchen talking about dresses, our readers, and then I mentioned your dress to her. I said “Oh, Laura, I have to show you this dress one of our readers made inspired by you and your dresses. You’ll love it.” So, I ran to her computer, clicked on your link on our page and showed it to her. She LOVED it. She really did. She said and I quote her here “It’s better than some of my stuff.” I kid you not. Then she said “Who is she? Is there a picture of her?” So, I scrolled up and showed her your picture and I said “Isn’t she fabulous? Her name is Ann. We love her.” So she said (and I kid you not again) “Oh, she comments on your blog a lot, doesn’t she? I remember her. She is fabulous.” I thought you’d like that. : – ) ‘

My heart is still pounding! Now, I also don’t get all ga-ga eyed about celebrities, but if I ever had the chance to meet Laura Bennett in person, I think I would be utterly speechless for the first time in my life. Well, the second actually.

Happy sewing! I know I am!!!!

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