No Way, No How

Yippee! The Laura Bennett Dress (LBD for me, from now on) is done. Woo hoo! You can read all about it over at The Sewing Divas. As I completed it, I mentioned to someone that my next project is going to be an easy one, but I hadn’t decided which. They suggested, “How about one-seam pants?” I immediately and loudly blurted out, “Good God, NO!”

In the awkward silence that followed, I realized that I had committed a minor heresy. And I’m about to compound it. So if you are in love with one-seam pants, stop reading. Now.

But here’s my thing. They don’t look good. On anyone. Really! I know, I know; lots of people make them, lots of people love them. “They’re so comfy!” goes the refrain.

Sorry, they look like crap. My opinion, feel free to differ, but it’s true. You know what? If I were in Paris, or Sydney, or Hong Kong, and I saw a pair of them walking down the street, I’d immediately say to myself, “American.” And yes, I’m an American, but I don’t wear those. They just look sloppy. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the picture that one of the pattern makers, Burda, uses. The model is probably 6 feet tall and weighs 110 pounds soaking wet. And she looks awful in them.

The look on her face clearly reads, “They don’t pay me enough to wear this $&!#.”

I’ve seen variants that people have made – capri length, adding a waistband, they still look awful. These and Crocs both get the boot into my fashion hall of shame. Actually I will amend my opinion slightly. They make perfectly serviceable pajama pants or scrub bottoms. But don’t wear them out of the house.

Happy sewing!

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