So Close!

I spent much more time yesterday working on the sleeves than I originally thought I would. But then, I also spent more time working on “real” work and my kids’ homework. Here’s the bad thing of having a home-based business. Supposedly you can schedule your time as you see fit? Ha!

But I did get good work done on the sleeves, and now the dress is completely constructed except for the hem. I took my time on the sleeves because I wanted to get just the right look. First I set the sleeves in by hand basting. The 5/8 inch seam allowance was just a little too tight for my liking, so I ended up inserting the sleeves with a 3/8 inch allowance. Then I decided to bind the raw edges. To do this, I cut bias strips of plain netting and attached them using a narrow zigzag stitch:

I trimmed very close to the stitching, folded the binding over the raw edge and stitched in place. To make life easier, I used an applique foot, which is open in the front. This allows me to see the stitching line far more easily. I use this foot all the time when I’m doing precision sewing. Trust me, it’s worth the few dollars it costs.

After that was done, I hemmed the sleeves using a 5/8 inch narrow hem. It took longer than you might think, because I had to pick those damned sequins out of the seam. And of course, didn’t I go too far in one case and have to sew the fool things back in. But in the end the result was worth it. I really like the look of the long sleeves. They take the dress from “cute” to “classic”. And if I’m going to spend this much time making something, I want “classic”.

So tonight I’m hoping to hem the dress, and tomorrow hopefully I’ll post it over at the Sewing Divas.

For those who haven’t seen the post at The Sewing Divas, here is the finished version.

Happy sewing!

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