Les Petits Mains? No, Les Petits Yeux…

More like les pauvres petits yeux. I’m working on the Laura Bennett Dress. It’s about 3/4 done. You can read about the progress on The Sewing Divas. Today I worked on the sleeves for a little bit, between helping my sons with their homework. For the underarm seam, I decided to try a baby French Seam:

It’s a little hard to make out, because of the black and because of the shadowing, but the seam is 1/8″ total. When sewing a French seam, you first sew a narrow seam with the wrong sides together. Then you trim that seam and turn the fabric, sewing another narrow seam with the right sides together. When you’re done, the raw edges are all encased. In a straight seam on a sheer garment, it gives a very nice finish.

But jesus! Those sequins! I don’t work with sequins too often, and I had forgotten how much work they are to deal with in the seamlines. I painstakingly picked all the sequins out of the seamline area before sewing, using my little bitty Kai thread snips:

This is why I wear glasses, I swear. The combination of teeny little sequins, in black, and all black fabric is enough to make you cross-eyed, especially when you’re dealing with eensy weensy seams. I have empathy for the petits mains in the couture houses. The folks at Lesage must go blind, literally.

And I swear those sequins are bunnies in disguise. The little buggers seem to multiply every time I turn around:

Really, there were only 5 when I pulled out my camera. They are everywhere in my sewing room. I’m going to have to do a very thorough vacuuming when I’m done.

Well, the dress should be done tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to finishing it. Check out The Sewing Divas for progress.

Happy sewing!

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