Vale 2006, and good riddance. This was the year I lost three members of my family, lived under the Sword of Damocles until September, when my BIL died and sent his daughter to live, not with me, as I was expecting, but with his heretofore non-existent sister (that’s a story that requires a pitcher of strong dirty martinis and a lot of time to re-tell). My uncle Joe died of cancer, and my cousin Tommy, who never touched a cigarette, died of lung cancer at age 49.

But 2006 is now history, thank God, and I’m looking forward to 2007. Which brings me to my resolutions. I don’t do resolutions very often, mostly because I stink at keeping them. Besides, I already work out religiously, and my diet isn’t horrible. I don’t smoke, I try to be reasonably nice to people (2006 was a difficult year, though, for all the above reasons). But I do spend too much wasted time on non-productive activities.

So this year I have two resolutions that I want to try to stick to (don’t tell Sister Celia about the dangling participle!). The first is to work hard to take my sewing skills to the next level. I am awed by Sewing Diva Els’ abilities. She is a couturiere of the first order, in my never so humble opinion. I study her posts and techniques and I am always picking up great information. Check out her posts at the Sewing Divas Blog. Her work with leather is truly amazing, just like the rest of her work. There are others whose work I admire and am going to emulate, too. Lots of others. The rest of the Sewing Divas, of course, some of the folks over at Stitchers Guild at Artisans’ Square, and many of my blogging friends. I am going to spend more time studying works of past and present masters. So to start the year off right, I’m going to visit the Fashion Show Exhibit at the MFA in Boston, and the Ralph Rucci retrospecitve at the museum at FIT in New York.

My second resolution is to spend less time in the online sewing forums and more time at my sewing machine actually making stuff. That’s kind of hard, since sometimes the forums are a lot of fun, and at other times they have the macabre fascination of watching a train wreck. There have been a lot of train wrecks at one forum in particular in the last year, and I think that was the beginning of the end for me. I’ll still take part, but I really want to spend more time actually sewing.

So, my dears, I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2007. May the year bring you peace and happiness, and get out there and sew!

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