Next Up, a Holiday Dress!

I fed Skippy my Eviler Twin some Godiva Chocolate and she has retreated back into her cave. But before rolling the boulder across the cave entrance, she turned and hissed, “I’ll be back to keep the world safe from idiots who are so clearly educated beyond their intelligence!” Okay Skip, buh bye! Or should I say, a bientot!

The world is in balance again, even if the moon is full. To celebrate, I started on my holiday dress! And this is it. McCalls 5269:

Look at the model in the picture. Now look at me. Notice a few things.
1 – She is coquettish. I am fabulous.
2 – She has bird-arms. I have Schwarzzeneggar arms.
3 – She’s all of 19. I’m celebrating the (mumble mumble) anniversary of my 29th birthday shortly.
Changes must be made.

Change one: I’m ditching the cap sleeves and putting long, sleek sleeves on instead. I have morphed the armhole and grabbed the plain long sleeve from this Vogue Pattern:

I almost made this pattern instead, but my fabric really is spectacular. I didn’t want to have to cut across it with a waistline seam. The McCalls pattern has a similar neckline and shoulder treatment (a flange sort of thing), and adjusting it to a long sleeve was pretty simple.

Change two: It will be shorter than the photographed version, but will have no ruffle or (god help us) pouf at the hem.

Change three: I’m going to make it from an amazing fabric (hint, it’s pictured here on the site) that will be an homage to Laura Bennett of Project Runway. I have stretch silk charmeuse to underline the main fabric. And the hemline will be To Die For!

The muslin is cut and half way sewn. I should have the fitting shell tomorrow or Friday. Hopefully I’ll finish the dress by mid-next week. Stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!

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