Yep, I’m From Boston.

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: Boston

You definitely have a Boston accent, even if you think you don’t. Of course, that doesn’t mean you are from the Boston area, you may also be from New Hampshire or Maine.

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What American accent do you have?
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Hat’s off to Kathleen Fasanella at Fashion Incubator for pointing me to this quiz. Take it and tell what your (at least inner monologue) accent is. Funny, I don’t think I sound like the native born Bostonian that I am. When I was in high tech, a lot of folks used to swear I sounded like I was from Toronto. But my husband (who is from Baltimore) always used to bust a gut when I would get together with both my sisters. He said that all the voice and opera training abandoned me and I definitely sounded like I was back on Creighton Street in Jamaica Plain. And they are right that the NH accent sounds like Boston, as long as you are south of Concord. But not Maine – no, I can recognize a Maine accent. It’s similar, but different enough if you are raised here.

And for those who are not from Boston, let me assure you, neither John Kerry nor any of the Kennedys talk like real Bostonians. And Hollywood butchers ouah fayah accent at every opportunity. Holly Hunter? The worst! Robin Williams? Great comedian, lousy Boston accent. I’m not even sure La Streep could do it properly. The only ones who get it right are (natch) Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Kevin Bacon comes close. The rest? Meh. Alec Baldwin did a decent Providence accent in “Providence”. But Providence accent is very different from Boston, just ask any native. So take the quiz, and let’s hear where you’re from!

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