Come Fly With Me

The third verse of this Frank Sinatra song goes:
Once I get you up there, where the air is rarefied
Well just glide, starry eyed
Once I get you up there, Ill be holding you so near
You may here, angels cheer – because were together

Yes, I took trapeze lessons! DH and DSons got me a two hour class at Trapeze School New York at Jordan’s Furniture in Reading MA for my birthday. It was a blast with a capital BLAST!!!!! I just went over to their website and this was on today’s log….

“In class on Wednesday we had Thomas, Eliana, Cecily, Maya, Katharine, Jenny, Nina, Ann (that’s me!), Lizzie, Alyson, Sarah, Jakob, and Mikaela. Maya, Ann, Sarah, Jakob, and Mikaela all learned the knee-hang and backflip, and Maya, Sarah, and Mikaela got to catch it as well as learn new tricks, the set split and two set birds nests. Thomas caught some great layouts, and Eliana threw some nice back-end splits. Cecily caught her back-end split, Nina learned the pull-over and went for the return from her planche. Katharine and Jenny caught their birdies and Lizzie and Alyson caught their set straddles. Then the Beantown staff took to the skies for our staff practice, and there was much rejoicing. Yay!
I think Thomas, Eliana, Cecily, Maya, Jenny and Nina were in the class before us, because there were only 6 of us at the 4:30 class. Lizzie and Alyson were a daughter/mom pair who had done this several times, and they were great fun to watch. The rest of us were utter newbies. Here’s a picture of us with Jeff, the instructor:

Yes, they are all (maybe even Jeff) young enough to be my kids. Yes, all the moms and dads were watching 40 feet below. Yes, I definitely was thinking, “Where the hell are the grownups?” But I was having fun with the kids, and I think they were having fun with me. Jeff ran us through some drills:
We did a short tryout on the bar at sea level:

Now, one of the important things to note about trapeze school is that you have to wear comfy, stretchy clothing. I wore my gym togs, and that was perfect. Don’t wear long sleeves. Trust me. You get really hot swinging up there, and even in the middle of winter a sleeveless tank will more than do the trick. The other important thing to note is that the instructors, for the most part, are totally hot. So go on one of your thin days. And they cinch your waist in with a harness that makes me feel just a little bit like those poor ladies back in the day who wore stomachers. Ouch!

The hottest of the hot instructors was Caz. I’m talking sizzle, bacon style. If I was 20 years younger and single, well, just take it from me, find out when he’s teaching and take a class (PRGayBoys, I’m talking to you, luvs!). He held onto my harness, reminded me in that cool Californian surfer dude voice to keep breathing, and…

“Don’t let go Jack!”

“I am a Diva, I can do this.”

“Ohhhh, f*********ck!”

“Hey, this is kind of cool!”

“Look at me, I am ze man on ze flying trapeze, no?”

“You want me to do what?!?”

Hey, this is really cool!

And now, for the big dismount. Drumroll please…..

Ta daaaa!
I’m going to attempt to add the video, but I’m not sure how yet. DH will help there (I hope). I just watched the Discovery Channel show on the team that climbed Everest. Sorry, give me trapeze any day. It was a blast, you get a real thrill without supplemental oxygen, and then you get to go for burgers and a beer afterward:

I’m exhausted and sore, but you know, it’s not a bad way to spend an evening…

Happy flying!

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