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Hell Week is over! “Shofar” was a resounding success. I don’t know if anyone from the press reviewed it, but I thought it was great, and the audience gave us a 10 minute standing ovation. It was a good sized crowd, too. Sanders Theater was about 2/3 full, which is nice. So now I’m back in the sewing room working on a client project. The bathroom curtains are most of the way done, so I thought I would come downstairs and get dinner started and surf the web.

After watching the first half of the Patriots/Colts fiasco (I’m a Pats fan, remember), I’m in no mood to read Sports Illustrated, so I pulled up McCall’s Patterns and had a look-see at the newest crop of patterns. McCalls is not one of my favorites. I think of all the major pattern companies, I’ve sewn the fewest of theirs. There were a couple worth noting, though.

5236 is a pattern for different styles of shrugs, along with a basic sleeveless shell.
I really like the ruffled one that they show in the photograph. I wish I could find something exactly like that except full length. I have this great silk velvet eyelet that I bought from Kashi, and it would be perfect as a long jacket (“deshabille”, as Diva MaryBeth calls it). I’d really like to make it for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m on a quest. If you know of any patterns that fit that description or are in the ballpark, please let me know!


Is a pretty close approximation of the jacket in Vogue 8305. If you don’t want to buy the entire Vogue wardrobe pattern this would make a good alternative. I love the notions list for this garment: “Thread”. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

is a nice jacket pattern. I like the shoulder princess seams, and I think the neckline is pretty cool. I could see this in a silk ottoman or 4-ply crepe with a matching (or contrasting) silk heavy organza or gazar for the neck ruffle. Imagine it in lipstick red for the holidays with really outstanding rhinestone buttons. Pair with a tight skirt or beautiful black pants and you have a perfect office party look.

5249, PJs and Nighty set:

I’m really not a fan of the whole “Mommy and Me” look. Of course, I have boys, so I don’t have to deal with it – yay! But I like this set. I especially like the PJs with the shrug. That’s a cozy outfit for sitting in front of the fireplace reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. I don’t get the “gift bag” thing, though. Maybe they had extra space on the pattern instructions and needed to fill it up.

Those are the ones I like. There are some cute home-dec projects, but I think if I ever came out of the sewing room with something like peppermint lollies or trees… well, let’s just say it would never happen. There are a couple that made me go “ewww!” and recoil from the screen, so let’s get snarky for a moment, shall we?

5246 Coat:

“Fabulous Fleece”??? My ass. The proportions on this coat are just all wrong. The pockets, the cuffs, the collar…. everything. And back the freak away from the fleece! It’s patterns like these that keep the fabric stores swimming in fleece and not bringing in decent fabrics. Just say no to the fleece conspiracy! With apologies to Malden Mills, who really does do great fleeces, but the rest of it is dreck.


In the words of Edna Mode, “No capes!”

This costume, 5264:
Looks like “Madama Butterfly Takes the Titanic to Seoul”. What the heck is it supposed to be?

Well, that’s enough snark for now. Time to pull the roast out of the oven.
Happy sewing!

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