Oh Yes, Laura, Please Do!

This is a post from the latest edition of Outzone online magazine. A very big shout of thanks to the Project RunGay boys for bringing it to the attention of everyone. For those who are not denizens (Love that word! It’s Tim Gunn and Sid Vicious all wrapped in one neat little package, no?) of Project Runway, Laura Bennett is one of the finalists, and arguably the most inspiring icon to come along for home-sewers in a very long time. And she’s contemplating making sewing patterns for the market! To whit:

OutZone You’ve talked about a line of patterns for moms. How’s that going?

Laura Bennett I’m really just gathering ideas at the moment. I really think that I’d like to reach a broader audience, that’s not just a high-end Bergdorf Goodman kind of line. I really think that the direction I need to go is that I need to reach out to women and tell them that they can add glamour to their lives. And I think that patterns are a great way for anyone to feel better about themselves.

I used patterns until I went to Project Runway, I used part of this one, part of that one, you know, Frankenpattern. It wasn’t until I went on Runway that I started to, you know, make my own patterns. But I’ve always been able to look past the sketch or the photograph on the envelope to find the silhouette or the shape that I was looking for. And I knew enough about sewing that I knew I could morph the top of this pattern on to the bottom of that.

But now I’m really interested in a resurgence. And I hope I can spearhead this movement to have kids sewing again. In Home Ec classes. I’d like to see mothers sewing again. It’s a great way for kids to develop their own styles, to be leaders as opposed to followers, help their self esteem through accomplishing these tasks with their hands. So I think sewing has been a great thing for me, and I would love to share that and help in a resurgence. I think a line of patterns would be a great way to sort of reach out to people who don’t live in big cities and can’t afford these fancy things.”
(source, Outzone Magazine)

Do it Laura! I’ll be the first one to step up and plop down money for any of your designs! Anything that makes me look even the teensiest bit like a Fabulous Mommy is great in my book.

Happy sewing!

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