That’s not some foreign swear, it’s Italian for “enough”.

What is with people these days? The internet is just plain nutty, and I don’t mean cashews and pecans. Sewing sites are getting particularly weird. I subscribe to two that have threads in which members are discussing the pros and cons of a certain pattern company. Several are given to long diatribes ranting on about the folks who test these patterns, and the fact that they are under moral obligation to divulge their status as a tester for these patterns. And that if they don’t, they are going to suffer from boils, frogs, blood, locusts, darkness and general bad karma. The tone of many of these posts is hysterical – they justhavetotellthesepeopleontheseboardswhotheyarebecause-wewanttoknowandifnotwe’regoingtoscreamaboutitontheinternet-

Puh-leeze. Get a grip people.

For one thing, it’s sewing folks. It’s not sending someone to Mars. It’s not brain surgery. As I said on one site, I haven’t seen any pattern company that has had to submit a M&M (that’s Morbidity and Mortality, aka the “Does it kill you?”) report to the Federal Pattern Administration. Lighten up!

For another thing, I have contracted with testers for various companies I have been in or owned. Every last one of them was required to sign an agreement that they would NOT divulge their identities as a beta tester. It’s in the contract. I could sue them if they blabbed.

And talk about dissuading folks from posting reviews. If I post a review on some public site, am I going to be accused of being a shill for the pattern company? When I post on an independent site that hosts pattern reviews, not only do I share the rights to my work with the site owner, but now I also have to endure the slings and arrows from folks who think that I may be somehow affiliated with the company? Thanks, I’ll keep my pattern reviewing to my own sites (here and The Sewing Divas) from now on. Geez, what a bunch of grumpy gusses are out there on the internet these days!

BTW, I’m not talking about paid reviews. Those are different (see Sewing Payola?). I’m talking about folks who submit reviews to sites for no monetary gain.

Okay, basta. I’m going back to my sewing room where I am working on a totally fabulous outfit for my next singing gig!

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