Fit Class Started Tonight!

I’m so happy. My “Fit a Skirt Pattern” started tonight. I have a group of (all returning) students. Tonight’s class was all about explaining pattern sizing vs. RTW, and getting their measurements. It was hilarious and gratifying. We’re going to work from the skirt in Simplicity 5311:
It’s a multi-sized pattern that includes both misses and women’s sizes. The roughest part so far (and I knew this would be the case) is trying to convince students that the size on the pattern just doesn’t matter. They took their measurments and were practically screaming, “What do you mean, I’m a size 16!?!” My assurances that especially in patterns, size is just a number, fell on deaf ears for about 15 minutes. I’m hoping they come back. I’ll let you know.

Happy fitting!

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3 Responses to Fit Class Started Tonight!

  1. Summerset says:

    Yep. BTDT last year with my high school Home Ec class. That was something else. I warned them ahead of time, too. I’m sure they’ll come back – who wouldn’t want a well fitted skirt that they couldn’t buy off the rack?

  2. Cat says:

    It really irritates me how women are so obsessed with their “dress size” that they will buy something a size (or more, based on what I see here in my small town) too small because that’s “the size I always wear!” and then they look like crap. I really wish that the “message” were oriented towards proper fit than being a one-digit “size.” I’ve gotten over the numbers game and now my clothes actually fit and I couldn’t be happier!

  3. Alicia says:

    Or how ’bout a number that MEANS something? Like bras. Those are nice to shop for, no guessing if a 6 is a 6 or a 10 or a 2. On the other side, going wedding dress shopping at David’s Bridal was fun – they told me the sizes run small so “go up one from your pants size and look on that rack.” Pants size? It’s been too long since I shopped … however I’ve been working on a size 12 skirt…Yeah, the size 14s were just a biiiiit big on my 120lb frame. Silly arbitrary numbers.Ann, if any of your students drop out I would gladly take their place! If it didn’t mean a very long commute … but they’ve got an experienced, creative, vibrant teacher … what’s a silly number compared to that?

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