L’Shana Tova

(Photo by David Morrison)

I hope I spelled that right. Please let me know if I didn’t – I’ll plead Irish Catholic. Happy New Year to those celebrating Rosh Hashanna. I’m singing with a local group in November, and the piece is called “Shofar”. It’s a world premier by a local composer and it is inspired by the blowing of the Shofar (ram’s horn) on Rosh Hashanna. It’s a very cool work, with a 60-piece orchestra.

So happy new year to those celebrating, and happy autumnal equinox to all!

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2 Responses to L’Shana Tova

  1. Nina says:

    yep, you spelled it right!! But, in the “go figure” category of religion, they don’t blow the shofar if Rosh Hashonah falls on the Sabbath, which it did this year. Well, if you’ve ever seen it done , you know that it IS work:-)

  2. Alicia says:

    I love the sound of a shofar … so natural and other-worldly at the same time.

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