Narrowing the Choices

I hit the JoAnn Vogue Pattern sale two weekends ago, and among other things, I narrowed my choice for the Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center gig to these two dresses:

Vogue 2801 is a serious contender. I love the draping, and I think the overlay would be great in the charmeuse, with the crepe as the underlay.

I would probably end up bustling the train. We’re expecting about 700 people at the gala this year, and last year I was very grateful to have put a wrist loop on the train of my Flamenco dress. Face it, no one ever intends to step on your dress, but when you get a bunch of doctors cutting loose on the dance floor after a couple of cocktails, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Vogue 2774 is another strong contender. Thanks to SBanks for pointing that one out to me. I really like the almost Grecian lines of this fabric, and the drape could work in either of the fabrics. I’d have to mock it up on the dress form to see which I prefer – charmeuse as overlay or as the under piece.

The other thing I am on a quest for to make whichever of these gowns I choose is cotton tulle. I have Kashi at Metro Textiles looking for me. He had tons of it last year, but so far can’t find any. Anyone have a source? I’m very grateful for any info. I need it to make the bustier that will be the underpinning of the gown.

Happy Sewing!

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5 Responses to Narrowing the Choices

  1. Phyllis says:

    Too many good choices Ann! Any of them would be fabulous.

  2. Summerset says:

    Anything would be gorgeous! Glad to see you even considered one of my suggestions!

  3. Summerset says:

    Cotton tulle? Try these two, if Kashi can’t get it: Fishman’s Fabrics has something called Swiss cotton tulle, in neutral colors. It’s I couldn’t find a price at Fishman’s, but you could call. This place has it too:

  4. Gigi says:

    They are both stunning! I don’t have a source for cotton tulle but if you find some at a good price I’d definitely be interested!

  5. Linda says:

    They are both great! I like Vogue 2774 the best. Maybe I am influenced by the similar look of fabric on the pattern envelope. I am sure you will look “gorgeous” in either one.

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