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I know it’s early, but I’m already thinking about my dress for the Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center annual gala. This year it’s going to be held on November 11. I’ve been involved with the BCC for quite some time, and this is the one black tie event that I actually am willing to show up for. Since I’m on the board, I want to look nice. Last year I made a dress, dubbed Judy’s Beautiful Dress, named for a student of mine who was undergoing treatment for cancer at the center.

This year, I want to make a dress again. I have some silk charmeuse that has been aging in my stash since last year:
It’s a gorgeous, Italian burnout charmeuse. It has an ivory background with large peonies and flowers in shades of red, yellow and coral. It’s an absolute stunner, and I bought it (any guesses?) for the stunning price of $12/yard. As an aside, that same weekend I saw the exact same fabric on a dress form at Sposabella fabrics on West 40th. I had to check it out, so I dragged poor Sewing Diva Phyllis in with me and innocently asked how much. $40/yard, and the sales lady went on about how good a price that was! Yeah, right. I also bought several yards of peach colored 4 ply silk to coordinate with it when Kashi called me earlier this month.

So now the question is, what should I make? Here are some possibilities:
I like this pattern, Vogue 2801. It has good possibilities for using both fabrics, with the charmeuse as the top and the crepe as the skirt. I also like the neckline on it, and I can use Kenneth King’s CD Book, Birth of a Bustier to build the foundation and give myself a good challenge as well as a great fit.

I already own Vogue 2810, a two piece corset/skirt pattern. I’m not sure I really like it for this fabric, though. I don’t think the corset would showcase the floral charmeuse (big flowers, small pattern pieces). The more I think about it the less inclined I am to use it. I just don’t think it will work. I think I’ll just leave it in the stash for future use.

Vogue 2890 is pretty, but it calls for 60 inch wide fabric, so I’m not sure it will work very well. Plus, the rosettes are a little much with the peony fabric. And if you watch Project Runway this season, you’ll understand my aversion to too much wickety-wack trim. This is tasteful, but it’s still a little more than I am comfortable with.

Marfy 9541 is a remote contender. Unfortunately, I have only made one Marfy pattern so far. It was a skirt. It went togther just fine, but I’m leery about how their patterns are to work with. this one is not too complex, which is part of its appeal. But I can’t tell much about it from the drawing. I really wish they would put technical line drawings in their catalogues, not just these fantasy figure drawings.

Well, I do have some time before I need to make up my mind. JoAnn is having a sale this weekend on Vogue patterns, so I may just pick up a few at that and see if any thing strikes my fancy. I’ll report back, and I’m always open to suggestions.

Until then, happy sewing!

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10 Responses to Looking for Inspiration

  1. Alisa_Benay says:

    Yum! This is really lovely fabric. I’d like to see it without as many gathers as you have chosen patterns for. I would hate for your flower pattern to get lost.How much of this fabric do you have? IMO, it would look really good made up on the bias. If it were me, I’d make it up in a 2 piece: Vogue 7856, view B for the skirt, no hem, raw fraying edges, probably longer than they have it.and some sort of chiffon gathered corseted strapless top using some of the orage or red from your piece for a color.From the patterns you’ve chosen, My vote is for the first one. Maybe in the two-tone effect with layers of solid colors of silk chiffon for the bottom.Have fun!

  2. Gigi says:

    I vote for 2801! It is just the thing to show off your beautiful broad shoulders!

  3. Abi says:

    Delurking to comment.The fabric looks stunning.The fabric as draped on the dressform is practically the pattern the fabric seeks.Simple and understated , allowing the design placement to speak .Will wait to see the transformation.Thanks for excellent Fall patterns preview

  4. Towanda says:

    I like 2801. I think that it would be great with a red silk for the top and the peony print for the skirt. I think that the red would compliment your coloring better than the peach silk. So go treat yourself to some red 4-ply silk.

  5. Lisa Laree says:

    I vote for V2801 too! Can’t wait to see the result!

  6. patsijean says:

    Of the patterns shown, 2801 is the best. However, I have to agree with abi. The draping on the dressform is nearly perfect for these two fabrics. I would look for a similar pattern, or one that can be adapted.

  7. Summerset says:

    Of the patterns, you’ve presented, I like 2801 the best. I agree that too many seams or small pieces isn’t right for the fabric. That fabric is so beautiful, and you got such a deal on it! How about Vogue 2774? I would do the top drapey part in a solid, and the rest of the dress with the print over the solid, so that you have that expanse of the print without cutting it up too much. With all the folds in the drape you wouldn’t see the print so well anyway. It has a boned bodice, too, so the KK CD will still come in handy.I also like Vogue 2881, for it’s simplicity – just overlay the print for the whole dress to show off the print. I liked 2042, too, it’s in the OOP section – I picked up one at Martin’s for a quarter a few weeks ago. Not sure if I’ll ever make it up, but I like it and it was a quarter. I would make the one shoulder dress as is in a solid, then do a drape in the print – like in your dress form pic – that extends from the one shoulder across and down to the waist and then to the floor. At the shoulder and waist, I’d decorate with some beautiful silk or handmade flowers in coordinating tones over where the drape is secured to the dress. Again, simple, but showcases that print.Well, there’s a little more input and at least if nothing else, after my suggestions you’ll know what you *don’t* want.;)

  8. Wow, what great suggestions, all- thanks! I had not noticed Vogue 2774. That’s really lovely. I’ll definitely take a look at that when I’m in the store next. 2881 is lovely, but I may not’ have enough of the charmeuse to pull it off. Great food for thought! Keep em coming!

  9. cmarie12 says:

    I feel like I am a little late to the party but I really like V2801 too! I am sure that you will let us know which one you decide on and hopefully take us through the garment making process!

  10. Linda says:

    I think you would look “goregeous” in all of them but I like V2801. Lovely fabric and look forward to seeing the results.

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