And Now, for Something Completely Different

A little musical humor at us singers’ expense:

A band was discussing a few tunes before a gig. The bass player said, “I got it. Let’s start off in Bb and after three measures go to E. In the middle of the verse we’ll jump to the bridge, but we’ll do it twice. Then let’s mix between 4/4 and 17/8, go around a ii-V cycle of tritones, jump back to the bridge and then do the second half of the verse, heading towards the coda in 1.763/2 time and then let’s just stop.”

All the guys in the band shook their heads in agreement and then the singer, in total panic, screamed “What on earth do you want me to do?!!!!!!!”

The bass player just looked at her calmly and said:
“You? You just do what you did last night.”

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